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Whole Foods Nutrition with the convenience of Grandma Lucy's

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Whole Foods Nutrition with the convenience of Grandma Lucy's

Christina Ottaviano

If you've read my articles before, you know how I feel about kibble-based diets for dogs, and especially for cats.  Of course, not every animal is the same and they don't all tolerate alternative diets equally.  You can choose to make your own raw or cooked pet food, but if you are pressed for time and want to provide whole-foods nutrition to your pets in a more convenient manner, Grandma Lucy's has a line of foods which are a great place to start.

The food comes in freeze dried mixes already balanced with the vitamins and nutrients your dog or cat needs, however it can also be fed as a topper to boost your kibble diet until you're ready to fully make the switch, or fed as the full time diet, or you can add cooked or raw meat to it if you want to cook or prepare your pet food but don't always reliably have the time.  The company generously sent me tons of samples to try with my dachshunds and cat, and we had fun going through all of the varieties and flavors.  Since I already make our dog and cat food, I used the rehydrated food samples in place of the homemade fruit and veggie mix I would normally add to their meals.  Grandma Lucy's is non-GMO, grain free, contains no preservatives, all natural and made in California.

Healthier than canned and much cheaper! Infographic used with permission by Grandma Lucy's.

Healthier than canned and much cheaper! Infographic used with permission by Grandma Lucy's.

The Artisan formulas are the most traditional as far as ingredients are concerned, with just meat, potato, vegetable and fruit mixes in several different protein varieties.  Our dachshunds are not at all picky eaters and loved every option they tried in this option.  I see it as being a good one for multiple source protein allergy issue dogs as it is fairly limited in protein-related ingredients as compared to some other mixes.  Besides chicken and lamb, it also comes in pork, bison and venison - with an additional pre-mix option which allows you to add in your own meat of choice, or even rotate varieties of meat if you desire.  This is definitely something I will order to keep on hand in the event of an emergency when we need to either evacuate or can't open the fridge or freezer due to electricity outage.  There have been instances where I can't get to the store to buy the fresh ingredients that I need, recovering from surgery, too sick with the flu, or now - going to be in the hospital having a baby very soon.  Even though I make our pet food myself, I always have a backup plan so others can feed my dogs in the event that I cannot. 
Their Pureformance line is formulated for a low glycemic index diet with the inclusion of chickpeas instead of potatoes, blended with some even unique proteins that help with food sensitives or extra protein for active dogs, remaining single-sourced.  In this line, they carry chicken, rabbit, goat, lamb, fish and the popular pre-mix which gives you the opportunity to add in your own protein.
Valor is made with quinoa and lentils instead of potato or chickpeas, and is blended with high-quality meat, fruit and vegetables and comes in chicken, turkey and fish.
Macanna is the newest addition to their pet food line. They have blended some of the most innovative ingredients of hemp hearts, kale, coconut, and turmeric to provide the best in pet nutrition.  It comes in beef, salmon and the ever popular pre-mix which you can add your own meat to.

Grandma Lucy's is a fantastic alternative to a kibble-based diet.  They also sell a line of cat food and dog treats that our cat and dogs loved as well.  Do you feed your dog chicken and rice when he's not feeling well?  They also have a shelf stable version of that remedy available to purchase!  If you are already feeding a grain-free kibble with less fillers, you are probably already paying more than $50 for a 30-lb bag of food.  What if I told you that Grandma Lucy's Artisan Chicken freeze dried mix is $68 and makes 50-lbs of food when rehydrated?  AND that you can subscribe to it as often as once a month on Amazon's Subscribe and Save program, and get another 15% off, while having it auto-delivered to your door?  And remember, higher quality food is fed in less volume so that 50-lbs rehydrated amount actually converts to even more food for your pet, less processed and healthier in general.

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