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Perfect for stashing dog treats + snacks, Lunchskins are safe + reusable

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Perfect for stashing dog treats + snacks, Lunchskins are safe + reusable

Christina Ottaviano

Plastic sandwich bags have been a convenience for people who pack their lunches for decades.  Saving money by packing, rather than eating out daily has been a cost-saving measure for those on a budget.  But what about the environmental impact of these little bags?  “"Every piece of litter has a human face behind it. If they are a harm to the environment in terms of visual blight, then people need to stop littering," said Rob Krebs, a spokesman for the American Plastics Council, in an article by Seattle PI.

According to Lunchskins, “every day, more than 20 million sandwich bags from school lunches go into landfills in the US.”  That statistic is staggering and needed some attention.  That’s when 3greenmoms was born.  Manufactured nearby in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Lunchskins provide the green alternative to plastic sandwich bags.  Food safe, dishwasher safe and reusable hundreds of times, Lunchskins come in a variety of sizes and pretty graphic designs.

I recently had the opportunity to use Lunchskins, thanks to samples they sent to me for review.  Items toted included a sandwich, popcorn and baby carrots.  They functioned exactly like a plastic sandwich bag, keeping the contents safe and intact – with the added benefit of being washable and reusable.  The food tasted as it would have directly from its original packaging.  Running them through the dishwasher to clean them was easy and convenient, and they stayed in the racks exactly where I put them.  They’re well-constructed; made of a strong, durable fabric that’s lined on the inside with a food safe material.  The designs available are bright, cheery and fun.  Lunchskins are manufactured in the USA. 

The company has taken steps to reduce their carbon footprint: “We are primarily paper-free with the majority of bills and business conducted online, we use minimal packaging made from recycled materials in our shipments, we print all promotional materials on recycled materials at a local printing company, we use compact fluorescent bulbs and low flow faucets, and we bike to our office or work from home.”

They list several alternative uses for Lunchskins on their website, in addition to the few I’d considered (coupons, daily supplements, a place to stash purse trash until near a can or recycling container): “lipsticks, dog treats, wallet and keys, ice for boo-boos, pacifiers, baby toiletries, travel cosmetic case, and any other treats or loose messy items we want to fashionably stash away”.

Interested in learning more about this fabulous, environmentally conscious company?  Head over to Lunchskins website, and sign up for their email newsletter which includes promotions.  “Like” their Facebook page to stay connected with giveaways.

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