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Lansdale, PA

Pet care in Lansdale, PA. Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR through the American Red Cross. Bonded and insured. Supporter of local pet rescue!

P.L.A.Y. has an eye for beautifully crafted, earth-friendly pet products

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P.L.A.Y. has an eye for beautifully crafted, earth-friendly pet products

Christina Ottaviano

If you’re an avid green “lifestyler”, you likely pay close attention to the products you use and how they affect the environment, and the food you eat and the way it impacts your health.  You probably consciously reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible.  And, if you have pets, you also have the same focus for them.  There is a wonderful selection of pet products on the market for those with a greener conscience.

Pet Lifestyle and You (P.L.A.Y.) started with an adorable pug named Momo and a commitment for a very high quality, safe product.  P.L.A.Y. partnered with a manufacturer that has been making products for infant children for over two decades.  Because the company is committed to preservation of the environment, Planet Fill™ polyfiber, made from recycled plastic bottles for P.L.A.Y. beds is used to fill their comfy beds.  They’ve minimized packaging, and what packaging they do use is certified safe by the Forest Stewardship Council.

My dachshunds, Molly, Honey, Ricky and Lucy tried out the Dog on a Wire pet bed, which P.L.A.Y. sent me to review.  This bed is the perfect combination of artistic design and realistic functionality.  The density of the stuffing is soft, cozy and comfortable.  It’s well constructed, and the fabric is strong, easy to clean and durable.  They absolutely loved it, snoozing peacefully and comfortably for hours!  And I was thrilled that they were happy on a bed that was manufactured with their health and well being in mind.

The 100% cotton cover is removable for easy washing.  The duvet covers are sold separately, allowing savvy owners to switch out covers seasonally, or when washing so that the bed is always available for use.  They also recommend owners who purchase the duvet covers can fill them with their own, old clothes.  How’s that for re-purposing?  It doesn’t get much greener than that. 

A full selection of P.L.A.Y. products, with photos and reviews is available on as well.

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