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Lansdale, PA

Pet care in Lansdale, PA. Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR through the American Red Cross. Bonded and insured. Supporter of local pet rescue!

When it's hot outside, string bags are the best for toting essentials

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When it's hot outside, string bags are the best for toting essentials

Christina Ottaviano

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to review a great, reusable set of bags from ECOBAGS®.  I used them for a few days to get a feel for how they’d work in practical situations.  I am still using them today!

Day 1: Took my ECOBAGS® 10 inch tote handle String Bag with me to the drug store.  I picked up shampoo, and a few other items.  I used it while shopping, and then returned my items to it after ringing up at the register.  Loved the sturdiness of the handle and the stretch in the netting!  It folded up nicely and fit right in my purse afterward, for the next time I’d need to use it.  I also liked not having to touch the store-supplied shopping basket.

Day 2: I have four dachshunds.  One had back surgery in January 2012.  As a result, he can no longer go up or down stairs.  So, every night I carry him up with me.  Not a big deal, except I can’t carry anything else while carrying him.  ECOBAGS® to the rescue!  I gathered the items I wanted to take with me, and used the 22 inch long handle String Bag.  It fit perfectly over my shoulder, and I was easily able to carry it and my dog up the stairs, eliminating the need for two trips.  Four years later, I am still using the bag for this task.  My dog sees the bag, and knows it's time for bed!  I carry everything from clean laundry to whatever else needs to go up - toilet paper, toiletries, etc.  Also, the string bags are quite convenient while walking dogs outside for a hands-free way to carry the necessities.  The design of the string bags are especially lightweight in the heat, allowing air to pass through and almost feeling like carrying nothing.

Day 3: I took the ECOBAGS® Produce and Bulk Bags to a farm stand with me.  Initially, I noticed that they were very lightweight and had no concerns about them weighing too much for the produce scale to influence my produce weight.  I filled the small bag with berries, the middle bag with peaches and put my eggs in the large bag.  I liked how the drawstrings kept the bags shut, but were still easy to open at the register.  I was absolutely thrilled not to have those plastic produce bags in my groceries when I got home.  I also took the 22 inch long handle String Bag with me and put all of my bagged produce in it to take home.  I put it right over my shoulder and carrying it to my car was effortless and convenient, having both of my hands free to use my keys.  I take them to the farmer's market, and to the farm where I buy eggs as well.  I am often asked where I got mine - they are still in very good shape after 4 years of use.

What did I love most about them?  They’re 100% cotton, with azo-free dyes and machine washable.  They are so lightweight; I almost forgot I was carrying them in my purse.  And, when they wear out, (which seems as though it would take a very long time to happen, as they’re study and very well-made) I can toss them in my composter.  It's been a few years and they're still in perfect working shape...pretty impressive!  The company uses packaging made from recycled material and low impact inks – it’s recyclable.  It doesn’t get any more green than that!

This is a company with a sincere interest in environmental interests and personal investment in the ability of individuals to make a difference.  Their philosophy relates to making as little impact as possible on the world around us.  You can feel good about supporting ECOBAGS® - a great company with a very earth-conscientious point of view.  Grab a set of 5 pastel net bags on Amazon today!

Interested in learning more about ECOBAGS®?  On social media: Visit ECOBAGS® Facebook page & Twitter handle. Also, check out ECOBAGS® blog for interesting and intellectual discussion regarding environmental issues.