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Pet care in Lansdale, PA. Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR through the American Red Cross. Bonded and insured. Supporter of local pet rescue!

EcoJarz lids have been essential to healthy choices while dog walking

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EcoJarz lids have been essential to healthy choices while dog walking

Christina Ottaviano

I love mason jars.  As someone who cans my own homemade jam, soups, salsa, applesauce, relish, pickles and more; mason jars are always a staple in my home.  I love mason jar craft ideas, using mason jars for dry goods storage, organizing odds and ends in mason jars, and using them to store leftovers in the fridge.  So, when I saw EcoJarz lids, which are made to fit on mason jars to turn them into travel mugs, I was very excited!  I don't drink from plastic if I can help it.  So, I try to take with me what I might want to drink while I am out doing my daily dog walking run.  Typically, I take a smoothie or an iced coffee; and I always bring water which we filter at home as well. No waste!!  Kind of funny: I don't travel. I actually hate travelling and don't like vacations.  But I end up using a lot of travel-geared equipment because I am on the road so much.  Go figure.

I've been lucky enough to review both the silicone and stainless steel lids.  They also sent their stainless steel straws and a nifty straw cleaner to wash them as well.  I try not to use plastic straws, either.  They are horribly wasteful!

I have tried everything from filtered water with limes and blueberries added for flavor, to my morning smoothies, to iced coffee, and homemade iced tea using these lids and straws.  I've made milkshakes (hey, I am pregnant and so far horribly clumsy and almost definitely need a lid on my drinks...).  I absolutely love them!  When I drink from plastic cups and use plastic straws, I can taste the plastic in my drinks.  The thought of that makes me nauseous.  Everything tastes better out of glass, and it's healthier.  I liked the silicone lids and the stainless steel lids equally as far as function is concerned; however I think the stainless steel lids are a little bit more attractive.  The pint size widemouth mason jar also fits perfectly in the cup holder in my car.

A few tips I came up with while using my Ecojarz lids: make smoothies and if you have a surplus, put it in a second jar with a regular mason jar lid and store it in the fridge.  When you’re ready, just pop an Ecojarz lid on that jar and you’re all ready to walk out the door with your smoothie.  Similarly, store filtered water with lime, strawberries, blueberries and/or cucumber in mason jars in your fridge.  When you’re ready to enjoy one, just pop on an Ecojarz lid and straw, and you’re ready to go.  Also, if you aren’t a canner – you can often find mason jars at thrift stores, on Craigslist and at estate sales/yard sales.  This is the most green option for buying jars, as you aren’t contributing to the manufacturing process of new jars by buying used ones already in circulation.  If you can’t locate them used, mason jars are generally located in the seasonal section in most grocery stores.  Don’t forget: shop local, supporting local business if possible.  I avoid mass merchandisers for many reasons...

Ecojarz offers a one-stop spot to order all of the things you need to turn your mason jars into portable drink cups.  The stainless lids, silicone lids, and stainless straws are all also available on Amazon.  I highly recommend the stainless steel straws, in addition to the lids as they are a superior option to reduce waste for a cleaner, healthier environment.  These lids make a great gift for your favorite green lifestyler – and at reasonable prices there’s no reason to wait.  Check out Ecojarz on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and share with your friends, today!  Also, follow Ecojarz on Pinterest for great recipe ideas, giveaways and other green living ideas.  I also use, and love their loose tea diffuser.