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We use cedar oil as an effective and pleasant flea treatment

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We use cedar oil as an effective and pleasant flea treatment

Christina Ottaviano

As a person who always strives for a more natural route to daily living, I refrain from using chemicals in my home.  In the past, I have used diatomaceous earth in my home and yard with some success for flea and tick prevention, however it’s dusty and makes a mess, and washes away when it rains.  I'm asked, fairly often what we use.

Upon researching flea and tick prevention options for the 2013 season, cedar oil repeatedly appeared as a viable option.  Further reading indicated that it not only kills the adult insects but their eggs and larvae as well.  Interestingly, it works by assaulting their breathing system (through their bodies); yet it is safe for humans, pets and beneficial insects such as butterflies, bees and ladybugs.  This great video explains how the cedar is effective and why. Research has shown that by using a carrier molecule derived from quartz, the delivery system is greatly improved. “The cedar oil aroma triggers the insect’s danger response that results in the closure of its breathing pores. This in turn drops the insect’s organ temperature and causes instant death to the arthropod. The formula also dissolves the exoskeleton of the eggs and larvae preventing the next cycle of pests”, says Buzz4Bugs.  Cedar oil application stops the life cycle of fleas, ticks and other pests.

I have been purchasing my Organic Cedar Oil products from Dr. Ben’s Cedar Oil Store for the past three years now.  Gary, the owner put together a custom package of cedar oil and granules to accommodate my small home and yard.  This includes: 1/2 Gallon Dr. Ben's Evictor for indoor use, 16oz Paws & Claws Spray For Pets, 32oz Ready to use Lawn & Kennel Spray, and 10lb Cedar Granules for lawn.

I sprinkle the cedar granules over my lawn in May and June, and at the same time spray my lawn and porch with the lawn and kennel spray.  It is easy to apply and smells nice.  It has even rained very heavily a couple of times and is still effective.  I have not even used any of the indoor product supplied to me during my first purchase, as treating the yard has been effective enough, except to occasionally spritz the dog beds in between washing.  I love that it is safe to use around my flower and vegetable gardens, repelling and killing grubs, fleas, ticks, army worms, mole crickets and mosquitoes – and also bacteria and fungus.

Although I haven’t needed it for such issues, the Paws & Claws spray will successfully control fleas, ear mites, mange mites, burrowing mange mites, head and goat lice.  I recommend getting the gallon size, that way you have it for whenever you need it.  As long as it has been stored in a cool, dark place I have been able to use it from season to season.  Amazon sells it for about $100 in the gallon, or about $30 in the 32 ounce.  This is not as pricey as it seems when you have considered the high concentration of cedar oil in these containers, and how little needs to be used when applying.  If you decide to purchase, please consider using my affiliate link.

It also repels rats and mice.  I have noticed a decrease in the amount of mice and moles my cat has been catching since the cedar oil products were applied to my lawn and can tell when it wears off because the moles begin to pile up again...and the mosquitoes return.  Overall, I am very impressed at both the efficacy and safety of these products.  It’s now early August and once again, my home and pets are flea-free and as long as I remember to lightly apply more often, my mosquito issue is diminished.  I would absolutely recommend this option as a natural preventative for fleas and ticks.  I do still have a few mosquitoes in my yard, but there is a definite decrease in the frequency of their appearance as long as I keep up with the cedar application.  Dr. Ben’s is on Facebook, has a newsletter, and a great website where you can read more.