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Mealtime at a pleasant pace with this slow feeder bowl

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Mealtime at a pleasant pace with this slow feeder bowl

Christina Ottaviano

Do your pets inhale their food? Whether you feed kibble, wet, raw, or a combination of food varieties, some animals just eat way too quickly. I have a cat, Jax, who eats so fast he often throws up.  Dogs gulping food can lead to excess gas, choking, or even bloat.  Eating too quickly results in overeating, as the brain does not have the ability to register a feeling of fullness this quickly.

There are many styles of slow feed bowl, but some alarming issues I have with most of them is that they are plastic. If your dog is a psychopants when it comes to dinner time, how is he not ingesting tiny pieces of plastic while attempting to get to his kibble? And if the food is wet, isn't he licking that plastic a lot? I hate to think of all of that chemical waste going through his body. Additionally, aren't those feeders hard to clean properly?  Plastic is susceptible to abrasions over time which can harbor microscopic bacteria. So many nooks and crannies to get into.  Chin acne, anyone?  I know some folks don't wash their dog dishes every time they feed, but this seems excessive to me. Disgusting, actually...and don't even get me started on the lightweight nature of these feeders. A smart dog will learn to flip it. You know your dogs. If they are that excited to eat, this plastic type of feeder will not hold them back.

Stainless steel is my first choice for a slow feeder bowl. It's easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and won't leach nasty chemicals.  Wiser Pet is a brand available on Amazon, and if the name sounds familiar, that's because I have written a review of their lovely dog shampoo in the past.  They offer innovative pet products with the holistic health conscious pet owner in mind.  Their slow feeder bowl has a simple shape that's easy to clean. It has a wider base than top, so tipping is not an issue. And it has a rubber gasket on the bottom to keep it in place.  And it's backed by the Wiser Pet Guarantee.  Also great for feeding a dog who eats quickly, then tries to steal food from a sibling! I normally feed my dogs in their crates, but if that's not your thing, a slow feed bowl could help.

Stanley enjoys a hearty home prepared breakfast from this Wiser Pet slow feeder bowl

Stanley enjoys a hearty home prepared breakfast from this Wiser Pet slow feeder bowl

I decided to try it out with our street dog, Stanley. We adopted him in October 2017 and he definitely still has some food related issues from his time as a stray.  Generally, he tends to snarf his meals down like he will never have another. He seems to love the home prepared raw/cooked diet I provide, but sometimes this can lead to choking. Not with this bowl, though!  His needle nose fit into the groove, but nevertheless, his eating was definitely slowed. He seemed to have to think about the process a bit more.