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Lansdale, PA

Pet care in Lansdale, PA. Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR through the American Red Cross. Bonded and insured. Supporter of local pet rescue!


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Eco-friendly and earth-conscious features and reviews, pet care tips, and feeding education. Gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free autoimmune diet musings.  Interested in having your product reviewed here?  Please email:

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Cleaning supplies that rock my pet-safe home

Christina Ottaviano

Leading a greener lifestyle starts with the actions we take daily.  The first step in reducing chemicals in your home is to choose cleaning products that are both safe for your family and the environment.

Mrs. Meyer’s products are not only environmentally friendly and safe for people and pets - they’ll also give you your daily dose of aromatherapy.  The lavender line is soothing, lemon verbena is energizing, basil is uplifting, honeysuckle is calming and geranium is refreshing.  Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products are available in surface scrubs, surface wipes, countertop cleaners, liquid hand and dish soap, automatic dishwasher packs, glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner and all-purpose cleaner.  The liquid products are biodegradable.  Deliciously scented soy-based candles come in reusable glass jelly jars, to help organize your home.  The plastic packaging on their other products is not only recyclable, it is also comprised of 25% post-consumer recycled content.  Mrs. Meyer’s does not include animal ingredients in any product, nor does the company test on animals.  And without ammonia, phosphates or chlorine you can breathe easily during and after cleaning.  The company sources as many ingredients as possible from renewable resources, such as soy, coconut, olive or corn, and the products proudly state “Made in the USA” on their labels.  Learn more about this super company, and meet the very sweet and sensible Mrs. Meyer here!

There are even seasonal additions to the product line.  Orange clove, Iowa pine, gingerbread and cranberry give your cleaning a festive spark.  This year, Apple Cider, and Mum are in the fall scents and I just cannot make up my mind over which one I would like best!  I am leaning toward ordering the Mum fragrance.  Some time ago,  Mrs. Meyer’s sent me one of their holiday soy candles to try, in the Iowa pine scent.  Before it was even lit, I could smell the fresh, clean scent of pine and notes of cedar and clove.  It burned cleanly and evenly, filling the entire first floor of my home with the nostalgic reminder of a freshly cut Christmas tree.  Soy is a renewable resource, naturally grown and non-toxic.   The reusable jelly jar it came in was handy to store odds and ends such as safety pins, nails or screws.  Overall, I loved this candle and I would bet that the fragrance lineup for Christmas 2016 will be just as brilliant.