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No more sweaty foot odor with Cedar Soles

Christina Ottaviano

Foot powders, sprays and antibacterial insoles have flooded the market as most people attempt to battle embarrassing foot odor and wetness.  Feet sweat, and those who generate a lot of movement each day; dog walkers, delivery and mail carriers, contractors, exercise instructors, restaurant employees, and those working in the veterinary and medial industries are constantly on the move.  Cotton socks, breathable sneakers and washing feet correctly and daily are all helpful.  But now, there’s another option on the market that really does work.

ZEDERNA Cedar Soles Original are thin, flexible 100% natural cedarwood lined with a very thin layer of cotton.  The natural antibacterial, anti-fungicidal properties of the cedar oil within the wood absorb moisture, keeping feet dry and healthy.  It goes on to prevent athlete’s foot and cure nail fungus as well.  Upon the first wear, the insoles absorb wetness and conform to the foot of the wearer, pretty much disappearing into the shoe as far as the feel is concerned. They can be used with any shoe, any additional prescribed orthotic insole, and in any special, supportive running shoe.  They can be worn with socks or tights, boots, and even those who often have cold feet, as the insole provides an additional insulating layer.  They can be cleaned and reused by washing by hand in warm, soapy water, dried thoroughly before reinserting into shoes.  They last for about 3-6 months and they are incredibly effective!  Tested on some pretty stinky man feet, these insoles not only took away the odor that was already in the shoes, but battled the additional daily odor and wetness with grace and elegance.  The shoes smell like cedar and the wearer is happy.  Overall, the impression is that these insoles are much more effective than grainy powders and chemical-laden sprays, and much more comfortable than drug store odor fighting insoles.  Not only did these insoles battle the stinky shoe of the construction boot wearer, and sneaker wearing dog walker/runner, but also maintain them from creating new odor.  The feet stayed fresh and dry, smelling only slightly and pleasantly of cedar upon removal of the shoe.  With a 110% guarantee, and immediate improvement of foot odor, and rewards for telling friends about your newly lovely scented toes, there’s nothing to lose.

Also recommended: making a little spritz to boost the Cedar Soles when they begin to lose their efficacy with recipes that combine cedar with citruscedar with peppermint, or the ever-soothing cedar and lavender oil.  These mixtures can additionally be used as linen sprays, countertop cleaners (when diluted with distilled water) and floor cleaner (when added to castile soap).  I love multitasking products!  Try this Grove Collaborative beautiful glass spray bottle to house your new deodorizer - it's my favorite.  Cedar Soles is a small family-run business headquartered in Germany, and all of their insoles are handcrafted with only the highest quality materials.  They are on Facebook and Twitter but the best way to get in touch is to send an email.  They’re very friendly and customer service oriented, and they’ll respond very quickly!  This is a product to never go without again; and during checkout you can opt to have them remind you to reorder so you don't forget.  It’s that easy and that eco-friendly to have feet that don’t smell and soles that won’t hurt the environment.  Just compost the old ones and replace with new!  They're also available on, in individual pairs, or packs of 3.