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We tried this Eco-Friendly litterbox, and it was quite convenient

Christina Ottaviano

Cleaning cat litter is a chore that no one wants to do, but every cat owner is responsible for.  Scooping the box every day is not a pleasant task. 

The environmental impact of cat litter on our environment is more than one might expect.  According to Pet Product News, clay litter (while most popular) is not the best choice.  “The environmental impact of clay litter production, in addition to the mining itself, includes the transportation of the clay to the drying facility as well as the use of petroleum products to generate sufficient heat needed to dry the clay…Clay cat litter is sent to landfills where its sits for an eternity. Since one assumes all cat clay litter purchased and used eventually gets thrown out, we are talking about a huge amount of cat litter ending up in landfills every year. The net result is that clay-based cat litter has a sizable environmental impact in both its manufacture and disposal.”

Naturally sourced litter can be an eco-friendly choice for you and your cat.  Litter One offers a complete system that is recyclable and a better choice for the environment.  It comes with 100% post waste pine pellets which are biodegradable and disintegrate into sawdust when they come into contact with cat urine.  Their patented sifting litter box floor allows you to sift that dust into the bottom of the pan while leaving clean pellets behind.  Just scoop the poop into the biodegradable poop bags daily and you have a clean, fresh litter box for 4 to 6 weeks.  It's even available on Amazon which is nice because you can have it delivered to your door, let the cat use it, and then throw it away - having a new one delivered again.  I like the option, though my favorite litter is, and always will be World's Best.

Initially, my cat refused to use this box.  I had it set up for over 5 weeks and he did not step foot in it.  Following the suggestion from the Litter One website, I sprinkled the old litter over the pellets in a thin layer and then he was immediately interested.  The system works nicely for him, as he is a cat that will not use the litter box if there is anything in it and we clean it several times per day.  The pine absorbed the smells fairly well, and urine did not leak through the cardboard bottom.  I like the idea of a new, clean box every month and the constant removal of poop keeps everything very sanitary.  The only downfall was that he was not able to cover his poop effectively with the pellets and this seemed to frustrate him.  I really liked that the pine was very low tracking coming out of the litter box, and that the initial setup was quick and easy.  The cardboard is thick and sturdy, and comes with no extra packaging – the box it arrives in is literally the litter box containing the pine pellets.

Want to learn more about Litter One?  Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.  Rescues and shelters – be sure to check out their partner program!