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All hail the metal lunch container!

Christina Ottaviano

Lunch technology has come a long way since the days of plastic lunchboxes stickered with cartoon characters and plastic thermoses containing soup or milk.  If you remember drinking hot liquid from a plastic container, you’ll be reminded of that plasticy-adulterated flavor that leached into the food or drink.  And the flavors of previously enjoyed food and beverages mingling with the plastic flavor are disgusting.  It wasn’t appetizing then.  It isn’t now, either.  Add in the chemicals we now know seep from plastic when heated…and the whole thing becomes a troublesome issue.

In this economy, ordering takeout for lunch is not always an option.  It’s not an earth-friendly option either, with all of the single-use material associated with takeout.  A financially friendly alternative is to pack a lunch and take it.  Those who prefer to create their own healthier lunches desire to pack items from home.  But how can you take it with you, in an environmentally friendly manner?  As a dog walker, I am in the car all day and usually need to pack a variety of snacks and meals.

Enter ECOlunchbox!  No more need for plastic sandwich bags, prepackaged (and generally over processed) snacks and plastic drinking bottles.  They’ve thought of everything, from the stainless steel containers and the cloth napkins to the reusable bamboo spork.  Everything is washable with no waste.  They generously sent me the ECOlunchbox Oval to try and review recently.  It’s perfectly sized for a sandwich, cut in half and stacked and the small container included for a snack.  It’s completely dishwasher safe and tested lead free, and the plastic lid for the little container is also BPA free.  I like that it protects a sandwich from being squished, and that the little container is leak proof.  I thought it was sized perfectly for someone who prefers a small meal. I also liked how my cold pack made the metal container very cold, which kept my sandwich nice and cold in my insulated lunch bag, in the sweltering 100 degree weather.  I packed sliced, fresh peaches in it for breakfast the other day, and was able to quickly open and snack on them without making a mess in my car. Two suggestions: Choose a larger size or pair it with a second one if you want to also enjoy a salad and dressing with your sandwich and snack, and pick up one of their kits.  Also, remove the sticker on the bottom before you put it in the dishwasher the first time.  I was left with a very sticky residue that I scrubbed with salt and vinegar to remove.  It would have been much easier to remove prior to going through the dishwasher first.

Get yours on Amazon, and choose from the oval version that I have, a stackable steel version that holds more lunch than you can probably eat at once, or this cute sectioned box - for those who despise the though of their food touching.

Check out their Facebook page for cute snack ideas, recipes and special offers.  Follow them on Twitter for tips, tricks and giveaways.  Follow them on Pinterest for craft projects, creative lunch ideas and eco friendly photography.