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Lansdale, PA

Pet care in Lansdale, PA. Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR through the American Red Cross. Bonded and insured. Supporter of local pet rescue!


Will you stay in my home overnight?

Possibly. Please inquire if this is something you might be interested in.  Most families opt to leave their pets in their familiar surroundings at home while they are away, having us visit from one to three times per day to feed, walk and check in on them.  Staying at home decreases stress and anxiety often experienced in boarding kennels, and we will customize our visits to your specifications including bringing in mail, watering plants, trash, alternating lights, walks, play time, treats, water, food, medication administration & more.  We provide an update via text or email during or after each visit, up to 3 visits per day ranging from $15 to $35 per visit.

Do you bring your child?

Yes.  I work my visit schedule around his naps. He isn't phased by the animals because he sees so many and usually plays on his own.

Can you provide references?

Yes!  As a former worker in the social services field, I have Criminal Background Checks available as well as personal and veterinarian references.  Upon request, I can also put you in touch with current clients.

Are you Bonded and Insured? 

We are bonded and insured through United States Liability Insurance Group.

Will my dog receive an individualized walk?

Yes, we visit each client individually for the specified time you've requested.  We are a small, 2 employee company...and we schedule our visits with plenty of time to give your pets the individual attention they deserve in the time frame you feel is best.

Do you accommodate last minute requests?

We try our best to accommodate last minute requests when our schedules allow.

Is your company eco-friendly?

We are as green as we can possibly be.  We use biodegradable pickup bags, and are almost entirely paperless, utilizing email and text messaging as our main means of communication.

How will I know how the visit went?

You will receive a text message or email (your preference) during or immediately after your visit.

What is the initial consultation?

This is a quick visit following your initial request during which we will come, meet your pet(s) and receive care instructions from you in addition to keys and veterinary information (in the event of an emergency in your absence).  There is no charge for this meeting, and you can allow 15-30 minutes.

Will you CARE FOR my dog?

           We do not discriminate by breed, size or emotional history.  We evaluate each and every dog with an open mind, keeping their                     happiness and comfort, and our safety in mind.

How should I pay for services?

            Payment is due in full at the beginning of each week (or whenever services begin); either by check or cash.  Venmo is also accepted.             Late payments will be assessed a $10 late fee for each day payment is past due.  Invoicing is available by request.